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Wonder Grottole's community festivals

There are traditions that mark the life of small rural villages.

Some of these, such as the preparation of tomato preserves, grape harvesting and olive pressing, just cannot be missed in a town like Grottole. These real “rituals” are repeated by Grottole families every year according to the rhythms of nature, which mark the passage of time in the village.

The ritual aspect of these traditions has made the local population look forward to them all year round and experience them as real festivals, a way to be together with loved ones and cultivate relationships.

These traditions are an intangible heritage of inestimable value, a treasure in danger of being lost forever as the local population ages or the young population leaves to live elsewhere.

Wonder Grottole coined the expression “living culture” precisely to refer to this kind of culture made up of traditions rooted in the local community. A culture that is still strong and rooted – pulsing – but that is often not known and not told outside.

As we do every year, we wondered about the ways in which to make these moments of village conviviality open to those who, intrigued, decide to immerse themselves in the rural culture of Grottole. So we decided to organize three community festivals during which Grottole families will open the doors of their homes to temporary citizens.

The tomato canning festival

Tomatoes are one of the most widely used ingredients in Mediterranean cuisine and tomato puree a symbol of Italy in the world. In order to have tomatoes even in winter, however, it is necessary to find a way to preserve it, and that is how many Italian families between late July and early to August devote themselves to the preparation of tomato preserves.

The tomatoes are washed, in some cases the peel is removed, and then end up under glass in the form of peeled or pureed tomatoes. The heat produced by the wood that is made to burn under large “cauldrons” filled with water allows the jars to be sealed, which at that point – once vacuum-packed – can be used until the following year.

During the tomato canning festival you can come to Grottole and take part in the preparation of the jars of sauce together with the local comuity and enjoy authentic tastes.

Period: last week of July.

Contribution: 70€ per person

Contribution including one night in our Wonder Casa and a tasting of fresh pasta with tomato and crushed bell pepper bread crumbs.

The minimum number of participants for the community feasts is two people.

Peasant grape harvest festival

Wine, whether red, white or rosé, graces tables all over Italy and is an important element of conviviality. Whether at grand gala dinners or at a peasant table. In Grottole almost every family produces its own wine, which is aged in the characteristic “cellar-caves.” The harvest, which usually takes place in early September, marks the end of summer and the arrival of autumn.

Grottole wine is a peasant wine, a natural wine produced according to ancient traditions for self-consumption from a few rows of vines that the farmers take care of throughout the year. It is not a fine wine, but a wine that on hot days is even drunk with ice cubes in the glass. Grottole’s is an authentic wine, produced the same way by generations of farmers.

During the Peasant Harvest Festival you can come to Grottole and take part in the harvesting and crushing of grapes together with the local comuity and finish with a tasting of local wine in a “cellar-cave.”

Period: first week of September.

Contribution: 70€ per person

Contribution including one night in our Wonder House and a tasting of local wines and products.

The minimum number of participants for the realization of community festivals is two people.

New olive oil festival

Extra virgin olive oil is the condiment par excellence of Mediterranean cuisine and can be used in more or less elaborate preparations. Almost every family in Grottole owns olive trees from which they obtain oil to use during the course of the year.

In Grottole and Basilicata it is typical to make “fedda,” or a slice of bread toasted over a fire with a drizzle of country oil on top, a simple preparation that tastes best between October and November when, after the olives have been harvested and pressed at the local mill, the “new” oil is tasted.

During the new oil festival you can come to Grottole and take part in the harvesting and pressing of the olives together with the local community and finish with a tasting of extra virgin olive oil.

Period: last week of October.

Contribution: 70€ per person

Contribution including one night in our Wonder House and a tasting of the traditional grottolese “fedda.”

The minimum number of participants to hold community parties is two people.

Want to make reservations for our community festivals? Send an email to info@wondergrottole.it or call +39 3331881466