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New artists for the Nouveau Grand Tour

The Institut Francais Italia and the Embassy of France in Italy have renewed the call for the “New Grand Tour” art residency project. This nationwide artistic program promotes cultural dialogue and European values of exchange and sharing by offering the opportunity for young French and German artists to spend a period in Italy.

This year Wonder Grottole is again among the partner cultural institutions, hosting four artists in Basilicata, starting in October 2023. The selected artists have different backgrounds and sensibilities, but are united by a strong interest in the Grottole area and its living culture.

The first two artists to be hosted, starting Oct. 18, 2023, will be Nina Moulin and Toni Stakenkötter, two visual artists who have been working together since 2021 and who in Grottole will have the opportunity to deepen their multidimensional collaboration between text, drawing, painting, and installation. We look forward to hosting them and observing the Lucanian territory through their eyes.



Nina Moulin (France)

She studied design and fashion before graduating from Beaux Arts Marseille in 2022. In painting, she likes to work in large formats to give gestures to the medium. Repetitive colors and patterns, as well as the use of wallpaper, curtains and drapes, allow her to question painting, working more like an installation. Elements of the domestic environment, which testify to a history of recycling and transformation, form the basis of her works with organic and floral themes.



Toni Stakenkötter (Germany)

She studies fine arts at the University of Fine Arts in Saarbruecken. In her work she deals with narrative drawings and paintings. These are also developed into prints, comics and installations. Her images tell about imaginary or observed realities
realities of life and social structures. His visual language combines ornamental motifs, shapes and mythical creatures with drawings, which can be assigned to the contemporary independent comics scene.